“My A-B-C-D in life stand for: Appreciate, Being well = Well-being, Choose to believe, Decide to BE…” – Yoha Duran


Meet your Coach

Since I was little, I have experienced the benefits of dance and sports.  I am very passionate about both activities, but it wasn’t until my professional career in Human Resources Management that I understood how dance and sports were directly related with the Emotional Intelligence’s domains such as self-management, self-awareness, self-motivation, social awareness and empathy. These aspects have positive impacts in our daily life and enhance our sense of well-being. But what kind of physical activities are the most suitable?

I have experience as a competitive athlete and dancer in various dance companies. I am a certified instructor in Zumba®, Zumba Gold® and Strong Nation™.  I am a regular practitioner of different fitness workouts and I am currently working on my Fitness Group and Personal Trainer Certification from the Athletic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). The knowledge I acquired through my journey and experience has led me to know that there are two determining factors to take in consideration when choosing a training program.  

First, in order for a training program to be effective, safe and beneficial for your health, it must be varied in style and intensity. When the exercise sessions are not balanced, injuries can occur as well as degradation, instability or disability of movement.

Secondly, I believe that exercising is completely effective if it is enjoyed. It should never considered a punishment to your body. Despite the physical effort it may require, it becomes a personal moment of enjoyment and a recharge of energy. This is why all of your activities should match your personal interests and preferences. In The Well-being Code, motivation through music is a fundamental factor.

I hope you enjoy this program as much as I enjoyed creating it.  I designed this program, with  passion and respect, and with the intention of helping you become a better version of yourself. My desire is for you to have a more pleasant life without giving up your personal interests and pleasures that help to make you who you are as a person.