About Us

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

We are people who CHOOSE to see the good and positive things around us. We are determined in CHANGING OUR APPROACH TO WELL-BEING, and not seeing it as the ultimate goal to achieve, but as an active and dynamic process of being aware, making decisions, and taking actions that allow us to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health, and have a fuller life.
We are COMMITTED TO inspire and support our community, either to start or continue working on their own path of well-being, through promoting an active lifestyle and through athleisure wear that makes them feel confident and beautiful as they are.
We care for our ATHLEISURE WEAR, to be designed with intention, to be effective, and to bring joy, motivation, and empowerment to women.
We believe WELL-BEING starts on the inside, but it shows on the outside.
We understand that to be able to offer to others first, we must FEEL GOOD about ourselves.
We DO NOT COMPETE WITH ANYONE, just look forward to being a better ersion of ourselves.
We think that HAVING PERSONAL TIME to pamper and take care of ourselves is necessary, without sacrificing the family, work, and social/personal commitments we may have.
We believe in living a HEALTHY LIFE, WITHOUT GIVING UP what we like, enjoy, comforts us, and fills us with pleasure.
We like to LIVE new experiences, feel, dance, and laugh, WITHOUT PREJUDICE.
We know the world is a better place, just because we are in it! And if you identify with any of these statements, then you are already part of our team. Join the TWC tribe and see for yourself.

Meet our Founder

“My A-B-C-D in life stand for: Appreciate, Being well = Well-being, Choose to believe, Decide to BE…” – Yoha Duran


TWC was founded in 2020 by fitness instructor Thais “Yoha” Duran.
Besides being a Fitness Instructor, Thais is an Electronic Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management but, her true passion has always been related to dance, sports, and how having an active lifestyle affects the way well-being is perceived.
In a particularly tough year such as 2020, she decided to follow her passion in life. She made it her purpose to inspire people to start or continue working on their own path of well-being, by promoting better physical, mental, and emotional health.
She used her knowledge and her own experience to start. She believes that working out should represent a moment of enjoyment, and recharge of energy and that what we are wearing while exercising has a big part in making us feel motivated, confident, and empowered.
She also stands for the importance of functionality in clothing. For her, it is very important that we women wear sportswear that makes us feel comfortable and beautiful as we are, and that we can wear anywhere, from dropping off our children at school, to a brunch with friends, to a casual meeting, and of course to the gym or the studio.
With these aspects in mind, TWC was created, and we continue learning, listening, and evolving because we firmly believe that well-being starts on the inside but it shows on the outside.
If you want to know more about Thais, follow her on Instagram @yohaduran04