You can’t start a change unless dare to be different” – Toba Beta

At The Well-being Code we believe that the key (the code) to well-being lies in seeing it as an active and dynamic process of being aware, making decisions, and taking actions, and sometimes that implies for you to get out of your comfort zone and dare to be or do different.


We dare you to move, to have an active life, to prioritize your well-being, to be the best version of yourself, to find workout routines that match your personal interest, preferences and lifestyle, to open up to new experiences, and above all, we dare you to feel courageous, capable and joyful with each challenge that you set in your mind and heart.

As to guide you through this process, we collaborate with specialist in the Fitness and Wellness Industry who are aligned with our purpose. Feel free to contact our partners to try their services. They all come highly recommended and they will love meeting and working with you.

@yohaduran04 (Fitness Instructor – In person and online classes): Zumba®, Zumba Gold®, Strong Nation™, Workouts, Silver Sneakers.

@betsydecuba (Movement/Life Coach): Heal in motion, Functional Training, Zumba® Education Specialist, Meditation, Reiki, Healing sessions.

@kodiak_sunnyisles (Fitness Center): Free weight room, Zumba®, Yoga, Spinning, HIIT, Kickbox, among others).